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With art I want to communicate my personal way of seeing everyday things, both real things - and concepts, through the visual arts.

I believe that art is the most effective tool for understanding reality and making a synthesis of it.

The world itself is for me a great pictorial work, a chain of pictorial elements.

The operation of making art is for me an act within the world, at the level of objects and light, not just at the mental level.



When I have an idea, I need to find out the best way to express it through art, therefore in the form that most belongs to that idea.

Linking images / colors / objects to each other is the key to my artistic work.

I do not ask myself the problem of the historical distinctions between artistic genres, but I use the different disciplines to achieve my goal.

My attitude affects the quality of the artwork. If I enjoy doing it, then it works.



I mostly use the disciplines I know, such as painting on canvas and paper, photography, graphics, and digital art.

I work mainly in series. I have always worked in series, because I have no interest in the “finished-unique” work. The artwork must function by itself, it has its own internal rules, and since I really like working, this gives me the incentive to commit myself to an entire series.

When I feel completely at ease in that group of works, and the idea has found its own form through the path taken, then I go further.

List of series: Painting; Photography; Over-painted photos; Graphic works (ink on paper, collage, digital art), Objects, and waste materials (recovered from construction sites); Natural fibers (flowers, branches, butterfly wings, with ink and resins); Fabrics and flags.



1. The intimate emotional part that concerns vision: color, shape and light (objects).

2. The cognitive part, linked to the idea and thought (philosophical and literary).

My artworks are born and develop in the gap that exists between art and life, and for this reason they express memory, narration and intimate emotion.

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